21 mar. 2015

Notes on Coxeter Transformationsand the McKay Correspondence - Stekolshchik

Here is a key text on the subject of representation theory in finite groups. The pages of this excellent little book, prepared by Rafael Stekolshchik, contain a number of new proofs relating to Coxeter Transformations and the McKay Correspondence. They include ideas and formulae from a number of luminaries including J. N. Bernstein, I. M. Gelfand and V. A. Ponomarev, as well as material from Coxeter and McKay themselves. Many other authors have material published here too.

About the Author

1980 - 1991, CAM (Center of Automation and Metrology), Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Project leader of experimental data processing. 
Research and development of programs and mathematical tools for Academy of Sciences of Moldova,

999 – 2007, ECI Telecom (Electronics Corporation of Israel), Israel, Project leader in the Network Management department.
Research and development of algorithmes in the field of Communications and Big Systems.

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